20½ x 25½. Van de Velde II. Dulwich Picture Gallery


Small Ships in Motion

The Dulwich painting, above, features on page 810 of Robinson, Vol 2, where the acclaim it has justly merited is recorded. He dates it 1665, and in his opinion it is a copper-bottomed, 100% work by the master. No one could disagree.

26 x 42 signed monamy

23 x 34¾ signed monamy

23 x 34¾ . The same; currently, June 2013, with a London gallery.

11 x 19 unsigned

The above painting is recorded by Robinson on page 898 of Vol 2. He remarks that the "principal vessel is weakly drawn and it is not possible to judge from the photograph whether she has the stern of a smalschip or of a kaag. The bluffness of the bow indicates a smalschip." It is included in his catalogue as a van de Velde, but he also adds that "it may be an eighteenth century copy". If so, would it not be a copy of the painting above it? The sky is quite similar enough to have been painted with the same scenic intention, as though the painter had the larger work before his eyes.

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