The painting above left, and below, is reproduced in Clerics & Connoisseurs, edited by Alastair Laing, 2002. There are some well-informed comments by Mark Broch, p 123. In particular, he mentions that "Van de Velde the younger's late preoccupation with atmospherical and stormy effects was to prove a seminal influence on the development of J.M.W.Turner." This is no doubt true, but it ignores the fact that atmospheric effects were substantially developed by Monamy, well ahead of Turner. It seems possible that the preparatory chalk drawing, now in the NMM, was used by Monamy, eventually finding its way to Turner --- if there is a work by Turner demonstrably based on this drawing.

10¼ x 14; signed van de velde the younger


Small Ships in Motion: Racing Yachts

possibly dover, with white cliffs to right

described as "dutch yachts racing". Compare with more sedate print, here.

The near vessel in the above painting does not seem to me to be a yacht, nor is there much evidence of racing. Somebody was impressed by the tremendous sense of speed conveyed by this picture. Compare composition below. As Vertue said: "Imitations of other famous masters of paintings in this manner ----- VandeVelds &c". ETC. ETC. ETC.

Abraham Storck: Sotheby, 1 June 1977. 6¼ x 7, signed with monogram.

Unsigned; 34½ x 47½; Sotheby. Not a very convincing Monamy.


allegedly a slavish copy of a van de velde: see here

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Fresh Breezes: Small Ships
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an english yacht head-reaching
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left: stamp issued to mark the 250th anniversary of the royal cork yacht club; the oldest yacht club in the world


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