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Peter Monamy Obituary
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picture dated 1720
Country Life:
John Wood, 1959, Matthew Dennison, 2009
A Choice Selection

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Conference Paper Abstract 1: January 2004

Early 18th Century Marine Painting
and the emergence of the English School

This paper will centre on an analysis of a neglected conversation piece, circa 1730, entitled "Monamy the Painter showing a Sea-piece to Mr Walker". After a discussion of the composition and significance of the picture, the topics touched on will include the place of marine painting in English art, the relationship between the painter and the connoisseur, the local recognition of sea power and maritime trade, the political and social divisions in the London of the 1720s and 1730s and their impact on the market for domestic art. Most general accounts of C18th English art tend to dismiss marine painting, and this conversation piece has been almost totally ignored. The paper will conclude with a summary of the influences on Monamy, his contemporary standing, and the legacy of his works.

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Conference Paper Abstract 2: January 2005

Peter Monamy
Reputation & Reality

E.G.Stanley, sometime editor inter alia of Notes & Queries, once remarked that "In one view ... the history of scholarship is a history of error". The life and oeuvre of the marine painter Peter Monamy, 1681-1749, have been cloaked in greater error, perhaps, than any other noteworthy 18th century artist. At the same time, it would be incorrect to describe the attention he has attracted as scholarly. This paper sets out to trace his reputation in art-historical comment over the last 250 years: at first laudatory, then passing through a period of ignorance and uncertainty in the first half of the 19th century, into the positively defamatory remarks of the last 100 years. An attempt will be made to illustrate the effect of this progressive distortion, by commenting on one painting now hanging in the National Maritime Museum. The paper will incorporate an analysis of how and why these errors have arisen, and some contrast will be made with the reality of Monamy's output. It is hoped that this approach may shed some incidental light on the intrinsic character of the 18th century school of English painting.

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