Above: 44¼ x 73; signed W.V.Velde J. Reproduced in Country Life, 25 Jan 1973. See Robinson Vol II, p.1042

Above: 51 x 42; unsigned. Reproduced in Robinson Vol II, p.1041


"Signatures don't mean much" --- M.S.Robinson, circa 1983

"An English Yacht Head-Reaching"

47½ x 41½ ; "strengthened signature" P. Monamy Pinxt. Auctioned 7 April 2004.

The above painting is causing considerable head-scratching. Its "distinctive details" are described by Michael Robinson in the second volume of his catalogue, page 1042, number [4]. It was known to him from the black and white photograph, below, taken at the time of its exhibition in the Leonard Koetser Gallery, London, Autumn 1969. In April 2004 it appeared at an auction held by Woolley & Wallis, in Salisbury.

In spite of the Monamy signature it bears, it is reasonably clear from Robinson's note that he did not believe it to have been painted by Monamy. Nor do I.

47½ x 41½ ; same as previous picture. Koetser Gallery 1969.

left: 51 x 52; unsigned         right: 47½ x 41½ ; bears Monamy signature

left: 60 x 50; signed W.V.Velde J. on back         right: 47½ x 41½ ; bears Monamy signature

detail from painting bearing Monamy signature: as below: see also signatures here

The signature looks convincing, but the painting of the rigging does not resemble the handiwork of Monamy, as evidenced in other works indubitably by his hand. There are numerous conjectural explanations for this apparent anomaly, which will have to be gone into at a later date.

Cornelius van de Velde monogram, dated 1703, on back of canvas. 25 x 37.

Bonhams. 18 Jan 2011. Unsigned: "Circle of Peter Monamy". 15 x 21½

Unsigned; attributed to Monamy; 23½ x 35½. Sotheby 12/3/86; Lot 4
Described as: "The Royal Sovereign, a smacking yacht with other shipping at sea, 1702-1707"

one of Skelt's views


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