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Fresh Breezes: Small Ships
one: the smaalschip/kaag   two: small ships
three: small ships and yachts
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an english yacht head-reaching

Royal Cork Yacht Club

Left: a yacht model inserted in painted water.
Monamy and van de Velde both used models.
Compare pictures below.

For models, see here.

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15½ x 19¼; Sotheby's, 17 June, 1981, lot 1: "a ketch-rigged royal yacht"

attributed to peter monamy; bears van de velde signature
probably by neither monamy nor the younger willem van de velde

The alleged Isabella painting is shown here. It is not by Monamy, in my opinion.
There is some mistake here which needs checking.
For models, see here.

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Fresh Breezes: Large Ships
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